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डांda Baसेरा HOMESTAY
डांda Baसेरा HOMESTAY
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डांda Baसेरा HOMESTAY
Joined 2022-04-21

People from Uttarakhand are simple and warm and follow the ancient Vedic tradition of ‘अतिथि देवो भव:’ or ‘Guests are God’ and they welcome their guests with open arms and offer personalized care and services. Danda Basera Homestay available in this heavenly state of India where one explore rural locality full of splendid natural surroundings, enjoy local culture and cuisine, explore hidden spots; all this with the help of native people. So come and flavor the quintessential cultural immersion with us. Take home some precious memories.

Our Ambition are.
Help boosting the rural economy
Sustain ecology by minimizing migration
Help in conserving local culture and tradition.

Our Tradition Construction.

Designed with Cow's dung, Natural red soil & Pahadi stone which keeps righteous temperature insulation in rooms. Interior spaces are designed with fusion of traditional & modern living.

Our Resource is

Birdwatching & Star Gazing.
Yoga & Meditations.
Outdoors & Sports.
Pilgrimage Visit.
Tea at Sunset Point.
Village Tour.
Night Jungle Tours.
Understanding of the Farming.
Garhwali Cuisine's Classes.
Locals Milestones Tours.
Work From Location.
Host Families.

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