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The Khushwant Singh Literary Festival brings alive diverse subjects that are of interest to him and to Kasauli. These include its fragile ecology, rich heritage, colonial history, and ever present military that has helped preserve one of India’s tiny hill stations.

The Power of Ideas - At 97 years, Khushwant Singh had a dream. He wanted this meeting of minds to celebrate the power of ideas that could transform our lives. By raising awareness for causes. His own interests were eclectic, ranging from women’s roles in society to Indo-Pak friendship. He has written the authoritative history of the Sikhs and was an agnostic who knew more about religion than many of the clergy!

Dedicated to Causes - The KSLF is perhaps the only LitFest in the world dedicated to causes:

– The ecology of the Kasauli region
– Education of the girl child
– A special dedication to the brave Indian soldier

For more information on the festival, please visit: www.kslitfest.com

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