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Peaceful Pelling – Part III

Posted On: 15 February 2014 | Written By Malini Basu |

Refreshed and relaxed, we started our second day’s trip to the Rimbi Waterfalls and Sewaro Rock Garden. Adjacent to the Rimbi Waterfalls is Karchen Hydro Electricity Powerhouse, the oldest in West Sikkim. Rimbi River Bank is about 12 km away from Pelling and about 5 km further down from Darap village which falls on the way to Khecheopalri and Yuksom.

We reached Sewaro Rock Garden, a popular tourist picnic spot, situated a little bit further from the Power House. It is developed by the Department of Tourism, Sikkim and well maintained with gardens, various flowers & orchids, pools, foot paths, viewpoints and cafeteria. Going down the zig-­‐zag foot paths, we went right inside the river bank and enjoyed natural beauty of the place.

Khangchendzonga Waterfalls is said to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in West Sikkim and flows throughout the year. It is a leading tourist spot (28 km away from Pelling, 18 km further than Rimbi and 5 km before reaching Yuksam), situated at a sharp curve of a road. What added to the mystery was that though we could hear the water gushing, we could not see the waterfall as it was hidden from the road. We climbed on the path along the mountain and were amazed to see the wild torrent of water cascading down into the pool.

Our last destination was Khecheopalri / Khechuperi Lake (about 30 km from Pelling and at a height of about 6000ft), considered a sacred lake for both Buddhists and Hindus and is called the “wish fulfilling lake”. The lake is situated near Khecheopalri village, hidden in the forest and we had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the calm and serene lake. The lake is lined with prayer flags with Tibetan inscriptions and a jetty leads to the lake front where visitors can offer prayers. A festival of mass worshipping of the lake takes place on the 15th full moon day of the 1st month of lunar calendar (February-­‐March). There is a belief that birds prevent leaves from floating on the lake surface.

A unique picturesque tourist destination with incredible mountain views, refreshing greenery and unspoiled forests with rich flora and fauna, Pelling will forever be a memorable part of our reminiscences.


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