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Life in the Himalayas and MeeMee – Part 2

Posted On: 15 February 2014 | Written By Mountain Man |

It is at this point that I met Sumit alias “Himalayan Enfielder” (HE). I would like to skip the conversations part of the story and just come to what would be of interest to you.

This is a story in itself. Most of us living in the cities have got used to the problems and challenges that city life has to offer us. How many times this thought has crossed our mind that there should be a time when we can let go of the city life and just be with nature...have a small tiny cottage...do farming or whatever and that’s it. (If you reading this you would be reminded of many of your colleagues talking like this often).

The story of Himalayan Enfielder goes something like this: A “naturalist” at heart, loved mountains, loved to travel and one day (almost way back in 2005/06) decided to take the “road less travelled” and create a new life. The calling was strong and his “royal Enfield” was parked outside his house...and he just took off. Many of his friends already knew the kind of itch that HE had for travel and had earlier also passed it on to his friends.

Endless conversations with this story teller and you would realize the journey he has had while living his dream of creating a new life in the mountains for himself and his lovely family. The idea is simple, be one with nature and let the community develop. Eventually that has led to the creation of “Camp Himalayan” – beautiful set of cottages amidst apple orchards, where one is welcomed not like a guest but like a family member.

During my numerous trips to visit Tirthan valley, I have interacted with many of Sumit’s guests who were staying at the Camp Himalayan and I must admit that the best part of the stay has been the hospitality, the personal interests in guests’ expectations of the trip and then making it memorable with his own way of bringing in surprises in the form of organizing soft adventure activities for guests like river crossing, an off-road trip to the jungles and a fishing session in the river. One thing is for sure, he will only let you relax in the evening for a nice bon-fire session where you can unwind after all your inhibitions that you carried from the city have been rubbed away from the day’s activities.

I am leaving you with some pictures of one of my trips where I witnessed the action being done by Sumit and his team...and will continue narrating some tales of the life in this valley.

Once again, for travellers interested in Tirthan Valley the route is like this: Chandigarh – Roop Nagar – Ropar – Swarghat – Sundernagar – Mandi and then a right from Aut (where the tunnel to Kulu starts)...rest you should be able to figure out with signs in the direction of Banjar J..Enjoy!


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